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Bellwether Wines

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Some places feed and inspire the soul, the Glen Roy Shearing Shed is one of those places, a beautiful mixture of history, humour and creativity. The 1868 Glen Roy Shearing Shed is home to Bellwether Wines boutique winery, community kitchen, cellar door, produce garden and campground, most lambs here these days are of the roast kind accompanied with a good local red. This beautiful stone building greets you as you drive into the famous Coonawarra wine region, 7km north of the township. When you come to see us, you'll not only meet Sue and Steve our winemakers you'll be met by Mabel the Maremma, our chicken guardian. Say hello to our three hairy Highland Coos, a nod to our Scottish heritage, at Glen Roy they are our terra rossa coloured lawn mowers. Then there's Gerado the donkey, why a donkey you may well ask? We are still trying to work that out, but he is very sociable and helps Steve with the testosterone ratio. Our camp ground has sheep grazing from various breeds across Australia. The world famous Merino, highly prized for fine wool or the black faced Suffolk and Shropshire breeds more well regarded for the quality of meat.