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Whale Watching At Head Of Bight

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The Head of Bight whale watching area on South Australia's remote Far West Coast is famous for its land based viewing of the magnificent Southern Right Whale between May and October. Visitors follow a cliff-top boardwalk to a viewing platform from where migrating whales may be seen. Other species occasionally seen include Australian Sea lions and the Great White Shark. The location also provides views of the Bunda Cliffs to the west and the giant sand dunes and long beaches to the east. Head of Bight is located adjacent to the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area. The area is of cultural significance to Anangu and Wirangu people and other Aboriginal communities. It contains the traditional waterhole and meeting place called Illcumba. Access to the Boardwalk and viewing platform is via the Interpretive Centre. The boardwalk and viewing platform is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available from the Interpretive Centre free of charge.