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The Far Side of the Moon

Start date: 02 March 2018

End date: 07 March 2018

The greatest and most acclaimed work by iconic Canadian auteur, Robert Lepage, seen in 45 cities around the world, finally comes to Adelaide. Premiered in 2000, and performed as a virtuosic solo by Yves Jacques, The Far Side of the Moon is the story of two brothers - one flashy and successful, the other self-doubting and permanently upstaged – who gradually become entwined in the history of the Soviet-US space race. The struggle between ambition and idleness, the practical and the idealistic and the ordinary and the otherworldly are played out in the work’s magical fusion of video, theatre and puppetry, along with the mysterious teachings the universe holds for those brave enough to look to the stars and ponder. With its wit, ingenuity and endearing characterisation you could mistake it for a brilliant sitcom but its intelligence, dazzling stagecraft and memorable soundtrack by Laurie Anderson, make it one of the most profoundly satisfying pieces of theatre you’re ever likely to see.