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A bientot Seayu Lodge

From $100

Peace, beauty and privacy. A bientot Seayu Lodge is a single-unit bed and breakfast providing quiet comfort for two persons. Your hosts are Jacqueline and Gabriel Bittar, a Swiss-French couple and Schatoune the gentle cat. Guests will enjoy a warm reception and attention to detail. Private pergola and garden. European-style design, warm, comfortable and cosy. Magnificent panoramic views of sea, harbour and lagoon. Situated on 11 hectares of private and diversified natural bushland, endowed with majestic Eucalyptus trees and centenarian Xanthorrhoea plants, providing a refuge for a range of rare and charming animal species, including the echidna, the Tammar wallaby, the brush-tailed possum, the Rosenberg monitor and many species of birds. Bilingual (French-English) guests' library in the Lodge and Meditation room available.