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Flip Flop Flap Holiday Accommodation

From $100

Flip Flop Flap is nestled on the edge of coastal protection leading only meters to the beach. From the barbecue area in the courtyard take the steps to the 'crows nest', an ideal place to sit and enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Vivonne Bay. The living area is open plan making it spacious enough for a full house of eight to comfortably enjoy their stay. To enjoy a bit of freedom from the kids when they come back after a big day out, we have conveniently located their bedroom as an attachment to the house off the courtyard, yet still close enough for comfort. The name Flip Flop Flap originated from a young fisherman who once owned the cottage and believed that when he caught fish off the Vivonne Bay Jetty, as the fish were trying to free themselves from his hook and line, they would make the sound of Flip Flop Flap as their tail and body tossed on the old weather beaten boards of the jetty. We welcome you to enjoy a relaxing holiday at Flip Flop Flap and to experience the secret piece of paradise that so many people talk about worldwide...Vivonne Bay!