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Jasmine's Cottage

From $255

Jasmines Cottage, a romantic bed and breakfast nestled within the beautiful Barossa Valley. It is here, at Jasmines, that you will escape the demands of everyday life, and enjoy the peace and seclusion that this charming place has to offer. From the first moment you open the front door you are embraced by the true shabby chic style. A soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor which includes beautiful chandeliers, comfy sofas and a cosy log fireplace. Two enchanting bedrooms intertwined with velvet curtains sumptuous quilts and an alluring array of cushions. From sitting on the back verandah gazing over the russet hues of the autumn vines with a glass of red and local produce, through to the cosy winter weekends, curled up in front of the crackling log fire, or maybe enjoying a warm spa for two.