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LifeTime Private Retreats

From $440

LifeTime Private Retreats offers tailored long and short term luxury private accommodation - set in stunning Australian landscapes. I know of a secret island luxury retreat, just off the cost of South Australia. Nature's drama is played out here for a last minute get away: rugged cliffs, empty beaches, and a place where dolphins often frolic in the bay as ospreys soar above the waves. Your sanctuary: an Island paradise where you can choose to stay at one of three Luxury beach villas set on their own stunning coastal Kangaroo Island estates, a place of complete privacy, well away from other guests. Because we know that every moment is even more precious when you're seeking time out, LifeTime have developed an introduction to our properties where we endeavour to find out what's important to you during your stay. Our all inclusive Solstice package includes all meals, beverages, transfers and water equipment, price on request. Whether you decide to stay on our LifeTime accommodation or our all inclusive Solstice accommodation our aim is to - 'Give the life and time back to people who need it'.