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Beliefs Attitudes and Customs Interpretive Trail - West Terrace Cemetery

Explore life, death and the hereafter as you weave your way through West Terrace Cemetery on the Beliefs, Attitudes and Customs Interpretive Trail. As you follow this trail you will encounter the diverse religious beliefs, traditions and rituals of the thousands of South Australians buried at the cemetery, their funeral customs and mourning practices. There are 15 sites to visit on this two kilometre self-guided loop-walk. Each point of interest is marked with an information panel. A map and purple markers will help you navigate your way through the cemetery. A copy of the map can be found at stop one on the trail, located just inside the main entrance to the cemetery. Allow 60 minutes to complete this trail. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour of West Terrace Cemetery and let our knowledgeable guides bring to life the captivating and long forgotten stories of some of the State's and Nation's most notable figures and early pioneers.