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Better World Arts

Established in 1996, Better World Arts has a beautiful range of richly coloured handcrafted rugs, cushions, lacquer boxes, bags, silver and ceramic jewellery. These are a result of collaborations which engage traditional artisans from Kashmir, Peru and the Tibetan community in Nepal, who apply Aboriginal designs to their own handcrafted works. Better World Arts cross cultural projects are a collaboration of art and crafts people from around the globe. They showcase some of the best work from diverse cultures and rely on empowering business models, creating real economic and cultural benefits. They also enable the passage of skills and traditions to future generations and help share cultural heritage with a wider audience. Better World Arts alongside Ngura Wiru Winkiku has developed a comprehensive range of programmes which enable Anangu to engage in the economic and cultural community of Adelaide including health, lifestyle and nutrition education; liaison with schools improving school participation and attendance; ongoing employment programmes that are culturally and personally empowering; cultural maintenance programmes; holistic support structures for families; and professional development opportunities for artists.