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Camp Coorong Museum

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The Camp Coorong Museum is located 10 kms south of Meningie. It is located on Camp Coorong, which is a Race Relations & Cultural Education Centre. The museum is the home of Ngarrindjeri history. You will be introduced to not only Ngarrindjeri history, but also tradition, culture, political history and contemporary Ngarrindjeri art. The Camp Coorong Museum is an excellent example of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre which allows visitors to develop a unique insight in the recent shared history of Aboriginal and European relations, and the way in which Ngarrindjeri people have developed to survive. The museum has a number of artefacts that are unique to Ngarrindjeri. We have local artists who teach traditional basket weaving to visiting school groups that stay at Camp Coorong. Come in and see the sister baskets and birthing mats.