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Carmella's Curries

Carmella's Curries are homemade in the Barossa by Carmella. Available at the famous Barossa Farmers Markets each Saturday you can choose from Carmella's southern Indian style Kasoundi Curry Paste, Malaysian style Curry Powder, Barossa style Chutney or Fiesty Barossa Sauce. You will love how versatile the range is- the concentrated curry paste is packed with loads of fresh ginger, garlic, spices and flavour. It makes a fabulous marinade and is absolutely spectacular with seafood. You can tone it down by mixing it with yoghurt, sweet chilli, or sweet soy sauce or all three. Rub it over a whole roast chicken or leg of lamb or roast beef. Add to soups, stews and casseroles to add flavour and heat or mix into stir fries for extra flavour and spice. You can even make a dip with cream cheese. Add one of Carmella's products to your pattie mix, spaghetti bolognaise, or as a flavour base for pizzas. Carmella's Curries add amazing flavour to vegetarian dishes. Try it with eggs, toasted sandwiches or use as a relish. You control the heat by how much you use!