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Catacomb Underground Church

A unique church, Catacomb Underground Church was dug out in the mid 1970’s and dedicated by the Anglican Church thereafter. It is very quiet and a great place to meditate, pray, or just sit and be still. There is a regular Sunday service with an average attendance of 40 people from nine denominations, and visitors are most welcome. The interior of the church is natural rock, coated with sealer to stop it getting dusty. It features an actual windlass from an old mine site, and two Caldwell drill holes that open to the sky. These help give visitors an idea of what it is like from the base of the two million-odd holes around Coober Pedy. The temperature in the church is 24 to 27 degrees Celsius all year round – which is one of the reasons why so many people live underground. Come and experience the uniqueness of this wonderful attraction.