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Ewens Ponds Conservation Park

Imagine snorkelling in an underwater garden teeming with aquatic life and leafy green plants. Bring your goggles, mask and flippers to Ewens Ponds, 10 kilometres east of Port MacDonnell and you can. Ewen Ponds Conservation Park consists of three large freshwater springs, each around 10 metres deep, interconnected by a series of shallow channels. Unlike Piccaninie Ponds Conservation Park, famous for its underwater caves, the star attraction here is its incredible visibility up to 80 metres. In the remarkably clear waters you can spot aquatic life such as rare Ewens Pygmy Perch, galaxias and native fish hovering near the surface. While in the ponds, look for the tell-tale bubbling of the water, revealing the source of its underground freshwater spring. With the water temperature a chilly 10-15 degrees, a thick wetsuit is recommended. Please note all plants and animals in the ponds are protected and must not be disturbed.