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Buzz Honey Hive Door

At our Buzz Honey Hive Door we offer free honey tastings of the entire Buzz range. Come in and let us take you through the different flavours of each honey and see how each floral source provides a unique difference to each honey. Start with our lightest flavour; Meadow, and work through to the strong bold flavours of Bush Mallee and Leatherwood. You'll be amazed at how the single floral sources can subtly alter the taste of each honey. Honey and Cheese Experience For the gourmet foodies out there we have put together an unforgettable experience. Who would have thought different cheeses pair beautifully with different honeys? With the help of local cheese producer, Udder Delights, we have paired our premium honeys with their gourmet cheeses and the results are delicious. Live Bee Hive When we say Hive Door, we mean it. We literally have a hive inside our new home with thousands of live bees. Inside the observation hive our bees are busy at work and now you can safely view them without having to put on a bee suit. We also have an education zone where we hope to educate people on just how important bees are.