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Hutton Vale Farm

From $20.00

Hutton Vale Farm Experiences for 2017 are pre booking only. The family philosophy is to run each arm of the business in a sustainable manner while at the same time entwining them together for a productive mixed farm. We offer an exclusive experience sharing our world, with travelers of the world. A full day on our farm, sharing the natural environment with food and wine we grow on 2000 acres of beautiful Barossa land. Lunch on the farm: Hosted by John and Jan at a relaxed table, sharing stories and laughter with the best of the food and wine they grow. Walk the Farm. Our walks available to those staying in Farm accommodation are a way to unwind your inner springs and allow your natural bounce to return. There are a number of walks, each taking a different path across our landscape. Aviator’s lunch or dinner. Hutton Vale Farm offers an amazing landscape for private pilots to Fly In Fly Out. FIFO for a day or overnight, with a picnic lunch or dinner in our outdoor kitchen and open fire. Phone 0414639088 for more information on any of our experiences. Visit our website