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Kanawinka Global Geopark

Australia may be referred to as a relatively young nation, but the well preserved ancient landscape provides many precious windows into the past. The Kanawinka Global Geopark takes you on a surprising journey through this amazing landscape, enabling visitors to travel back in time over thousands and thousands of years. The surface geology of western Victoria and south-eastern Australia is a striking contrast of sweeping plains and spectacular cones which are largely the product of volcanic activity. In fact, with six sites of international significance and 14 of national significance, this area is Australia’s most extensive volcanic province. The history of these geological masterpieces commenced when great outpourings of volcanic material through vents took place. The Kanawinka Global Geopark’s spectacular and intriguing volcanic landscape also offers a range of other visitor experiences, from a 45-minute tour to the surface of Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake, to the 45 minute walk up Mount Schank and down to the crater floor.