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Mount Gambier Crater Lakes

The Mount Gambier Crater Lakes area is made up of three main craters containing several lakes including Browne's Lake, Valley Lake, Leg of Mutton Lake and the world famous Blue Lake. The local phenomenon is the Blue Lake. It is approximately 75 metres deep and is the only lake with the inexplicable ability to change colour, as it does from November each year, reaching an intense turquoise blue until March, when it starts to return to a dark blue. Enjoy the Valley Lake crater, with its conservation park, adventure playground, barbecues, picnic grounds and shelters. The area is serviced by a maze of roads and walking tracks, all of which lead to lookouts, providing excellent viewing and photographic opportunities as well as the chance to enjoy the local flora and fauna. Walks include: Blue Lake Circuit - three point six kilometres, time one hour, grade easy; Leg of Mutton Lake - one point six kilometres, time 45 minutes, grade easy; Mountain Trail - four point two kilometres, time four - five hours, grade moderate; Pepperpot Trail - one point seven kilometres, time one hour, grade easy. Three short walks are Blue Gum, Browns Lake and The Oaks.