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Mount Wudinna

Mount Wudinna is located 12 kilometres north-east of the town of Wudinna and is the largest exposed granite monolith in South Australia. It is the most impressive cluster of outcrops in this vicinity. The outcrops range in size from flat platforms and low domes to higher domes, for example Little Wudinna Rock, Polda Rock, Turtle Rock and Pygery Rock; all dwarfed by the massive structure of Mount Wudinna, which rises to 261 metres. Mount Wudinna is easy enough to climb to view the surrounding plains and provides an interesting walk around the base. A large area of mallee bushland adjoins the rock and is inhabited by native flora and fauna species. Gawler Ranges National Park and surrounding district offers excellent touring opportunities for high ground clearance 2WD and 4WD vehicles, and includes features such as Mount Wudinna.