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Natural Heritage Interpretive Trail

The Natural Heritage Interpretive Trail explores West Terrace Cemetery's hidden landscape of native and exotic vegetation. The trail will introduce you to a diverse selection of trees, shrubs, climbers and ground covers, their unique uses, the fauna they support and the symbolism attached to them. The cemetery is home to more than 20 rare and endangered flora, from the obvious to the almost invisible. This remnant native vegetation offers a snapshot of the plant communities once common in Adelaide. There are also many exotic species, which reflect cemetery planting practices and fashions over time. There are 10 sites to visit on this one kilometre self-guided loop-walk. Each point of interest is marked with an information panel. A map and green way-finding markers will help you navigate your way through the cemetery. A copy of the map can be found at stop one on the trail, located just inside the main entrance to the cemetery. Allow 60 minutes to complete this trail. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour of West Terrace Cemetery and let our knowledgeable guides bring to life the captivating and long forgotten stories of some of the State's and Nation's most notable figures and early pioneers.