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Nelshaby Capers

Nelshaby Capers produce a full range of Caper and Caper related products. The products include a range of four sizes of buds, from Premium, (smallest) to Large with Non Pareil and Surfine filling out the range. The large buds are also available as semi-dried buds. The range also includes a Caper and Olive Tapenade, Caper Berries and Caper Stuffed Kalamata Olives as well as Caper Spice mix and a dark premium chocolate with Caper. Our Quandong trees are now producing and we have a Quandong Paste available as well. An added product is cutting grown plants, cuttings being taken from our four best plants. These are available from October onwards each year and larger orders are taken as grow to order for the next year. We welcome anyone who wants to have a look at our plants during the growing season, from October to April. Just get in touch prior to visit to make sure someone is about to show you the plants. We sell product from the farm gate, as well as a large mail order component of our business.