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Oodnadatta Track

The Oodnadatta Track offers one of the best Outback drives in Australia. Steeped in history, natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage, the track is perhaps our most fascinating and historic outback trail. It was the route for 19th century explorers like John McDouall Stuart. The track follows an old Aboriginal trading route through semi-desert country with artesian springs and waterholes along the way. It now carries tourist traffic all year round. See the colourful, ever-changing landscape and stop at small outback towns along the way like Oodnadatta, Marree, Marla and William Creek. The Oodnadatta Track bypasses beautiful Lake Eyre and dissects the incredible natural phenomenon of the artesian "mound" spring belt, which stretches from Marree through to the splendidly warm Dalhousie Springs. And the country surrounding the Oodnadatta Track is dotted with Aboriginal history and Dreaming. Please note the track is unsealed and subject to closure due to adverse weather conditions. For details on roads please contact 1300 361 033.