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R.M. Williams Outback Heritage Museum

RM Williams was a drover, well-digger, boot-maker, miner and more, who became one of South Australia’s most successful businessman and an icon. You can discover more about his life and legacy at the RM Williams Outback Heritage Museum in Adelaide. RM Williams set up the beginnings of his first factory in 1932 in an iron woodshed behind his father's house at 5 Percy Street, Prospect - now the museum site. Over time, his business diversified into saddlery, equipment, his trademark moleskins, jeans and shirts. RM Williams passed away in 2003, aged 95. The museum boasts a unique collection of RM Williams artefacts donated by many long-time customers. You’ll find saddlery, hand-plaited bridles, whips, clothing and boots. A narrative text and photographs tell the incredible story of RM Williams. With the aid of DVD touch screens, see how the boots are made and hear RM Williams reminisce about his life.