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Second Valley Beach

Second Valley Beach is an unpatrolled beach, divided by a jetty into two smaller beaches. Follow the open valley that narrows at the coast to a gap, through which flows the small Parananacooka Creek and the road to the beach. The small town and caravan park lies on the landward side of the gap. Once through the gap there is a small car park leading to a rock jetty with the two small beaches to either side. To the west is a north facing curving long boulder beach attached by rock reefs to a small headland. At the base there are several boat sheds. Conditions are usually calm at this part of the beach, however it is dominated by rocks and reef. The main beach is popular in summer and usually calm. It offers stunning views of the coastline and unique geological formations. This beach is popular for swimming, jetty fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. The boat beach is unsuitable for swimming due to rocks and boat traffic.