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Semaphore Road

Did you know that there are over 120 businesses in Semaphore? Whether you're hunting an antique or a bargain, a special gift, piece of art or a plant or to just need to shop for your food and grocery requirements - you will find all you need in the shops along Semaphore Road! Are you tired of the hectic and sterile atmosphere at large shopping centres? Are you looking for a return to the days when the customer was king? Where the owner of the business is on hand to greet you personally and is glad to help you find just what you need? Then come to the Semaphore Road shopping strip where specialty shops abound and experience the unique village atmosphere where shopkeepers welcome you with a smile and a friendly word. You'll love the seaside location and you'll be glad that the cafes, restaurants and pubs with al fresco dining offer a reason to linger, socialize and watch the world go by!