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South Australian Maritime Museum

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Climb aboard a full-scale copy of a sailing ketch at the South Australian Maritime Museum. Take the helm, listen to the seagulls wheeling towards the shore ahead of the approaching storm, touch the ropes and smell the tar and salt sea air. In the basement, experience the conditions under which early settlers sailed out from Europe. Look at the sun, sea and surf antics of yesteryear in the interactive exhibition. Play the slot machines in the Penny Arcade. The magnificent Bond Stores in Lipson Street, built in 1850, act as the museum's main gallery. Just a short walk away, you’ll find the Lighthouse, built in 1869. Climb the spiral stairs and view Port Adelaide, the Adelaide Plains and the Mount Lofty Ranges. Not 100 metres from the Lighthouse, see the museum's floating vessels, the Steam Tug Yelta, our last working steam tug, and the historic police launch, Archie Badenoch.