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Souvenirs with Soul

Locally handcrafted, unique limestone souvenirs. Making one-of-a-kind limestone sculptured pieces, beautifully packaged for gift giving, and sized for the traveller in mind. These are authentic, keepsake souvenirs of the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Included in the range are stone embellished gift cards, gift boxed limestone and lino printed sculptures, a limestone wine bottle, glass and limestone beaded decorative dangles (indoors and outdoors versions), handcarved limestone bowls and bottle shapes, and a clever Travellers Compendium with postcards and limestone deco to get travellers collecting along their travels - this plastic A4 hinged case can be used to contain all your travel maps and brochures in one place, along with small objects you collect along your journey. All items are beautifully packaged in either a clear pvc box or a calico bag, etc.; and all contain information about the Limestone used in their creation. The limestone in this region is rich is fossil remains of small marine animals and shells, deposited when the sea covered a large part of the southern Australian landscape more than 15 million years ago (I highlight the fossil textures). Available through retail outlets in the Limestone Coast of SA. Enquire for town listing.