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Talinga Grove Olive Oils

Talinga Grove is one of South Australia’s top Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers, consistently winning medals at the South Australian Olive Oil Show. At Talinga Grove, visitors can enjoy the ambience of the 3,500 mature trees, as well as seeing the olive oil processing facilities and learning about production methods. Tastings are offered, along with educational talks on how to taste olive oil, and to discern fresh extra virgin olive oil. The adjoining banks of the Angas River are a splendid example of bio-diversity, containing some unusual examples of native grasses, bushes, trees and birds. Adjacent to the grove is Talinga Lavender Farm, with more than 30,000 lavender bushes – South Australia’s largest commercial lavender farm. Talinga Grove is open daily from 10.00am to 4.00pm for tours, tastings and farm store sales.