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Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park

From $13

Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park is an award winning singular chamber bursting with rare helictites that hang above and around you. The small but highly decorated cavern lies at the southern base of the remarkable 'Up and Down' Cliffs. Formed in dolomite, a mineralised pink and brown limestone, the cliffs are a distinctive feature in themselves. The cave is a comfortable 17 degrees all year round. The park staff provide hosted tours so you can admire the cave at your leisure. Meet your host at the visitor information centre who will then take you into the cave and explain how its decorations were formed. You can then take photographs and experience the spectacle for yourself! Tantanoola Cave is wheelchair accessible so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it. Make sure you check out the informative interpretation displays in the visitor centre during your visit. Bring a picnic and some sturdy shoes so you can discover what the wider park has to offer. The 500 metre loop hike follows round the base of the cliffs, up through an old quarry to the top where there are 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. Refer to website for opening times and admission costs.