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The Infinite Line by Anna Dowling. A SALA 2016 Exhibition

The Infinite Line - Anna Dowling - 27 July – 3 September 2016 - A SALA 2016 Exhibition Since the dispossession and dispersal of Aboriginal people, traumatic impacts have been felt not only by past generations with direct, traumatic experience but they have also been passed down to subsequent generations through various psychological, physiological and social processes. A historical and emotional legacy of shame, loss and desolation is precipitating many of the problems facing Aboriginal communities today. Through this series of drawings, Anna has reflected on this concept of intergenerational transmission of historic trauma. Her designs merge together physiological elements such as DNA strands and finger prints with traditional cultural symbols and marks. An emerging artist of the Badimia peoples (WA) who lives and works in Adelaide, Anna creates intricate drawings that employ patterns and shapes to express movement, feelings, and memories. Through making, the artist has connected back to ‘traditional’ practices where creating work was a spiritual and meditative process. Open. Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 4.30pm. Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.