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Observation Hill

Observation Hill, locally known as Ticklebelly Hill is a tranquil area of native bush which provides a safe, sustainable environment for the protection of the Silver Daisy. Being a highly palatable food for stock and native herbivores, has resulted in the Silver Daisies decline in the Cleve district. This particular species is only found in small patches of vegetation, such as Ticklebelly Hill. As well as being a conservation area, Ticklebelly provides a walking trail for a leisurely stroll, as well as a look out point over the Cleve township. You can see as far as Arno Bay, landmarked by big white grain silos. The lookout point is a historical site and was used as an enemy aircraft spotting post during World War II, manned 24 hours a day. Tourism sites in the District are well signposted, many with sheep dog signs for your enjoyment.