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Tom's Working Opal Mine

From $25

Tom's Working Opal Mine is a well established opal mine situated in the precious stone field of Coober Pedy, just 500 metres north of town and directly on the Stuart Highway. Open daily and all public holidays, we offer guided tours at 8am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm as well as continuous self-guided walk-throughs through our spacious and well-lit mine. No crouching through narrow tunnels at all. Guided tours are interactive and visitors can try their hands on different mining features like "Divining for Slips and Slides", "Jack Picking", trying the "Bosun's Chair", making "Sausages" while being provided with explanations by our local tour guides, miners themselves, on a safe and fun filled tour. Opal from our mine and opal jewellery for sale, wheelchair access through all areas and pets welcome. (Details at reception desk). There is a large car park, shaded picnic area and toilet facilities as well as free internet, free tea and coffee and free Noodling. Bonus offers: Every visitor will receive vouchers for meals, groceries and fuel offered by local businesses.