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Wilhelm Schaedels

A visit to Wilhelm Schaedels is a step back through time. This delightful, rambunctious antiques and collectables store is as much a museum as a shop, brimming with interesting and intriguing artifacts. The store is named for Wilhelm Schaedel who, along with his father Carl, built the property in the early 1870s. The basement, where the store is located, was used by Wilhelm as his carpentry workshop and indeed he and his father were among the most successful and well known early settlers of the Barossa. Today you will find a range a sprawling range of antiques, curiosities, vintage gems and a large collection of uranium glass - a fascinating and beautiful form of the material which glows an otherworldly green under UV light. Proprietor Paula also offers a carefully curated collection of vintage vinyl - making Wilhelm Schaedel's a must-see for true music fans as well.