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Wittunga Botanic Garden

Located in the leafy foothills suburb of Blackwood, Wittunga Botanic Garden contains stunning displays of water wise plants from Australia and South Africa which are especially spectacular in spring. Established by Edwin Ashby in 1902, the Wittunga Botanic Garden devotes 14 hectares to indigenous and non-indigenous collections. Native birds are attracted to the garden's flowering plants and the shady lawns make Wittunga Botanic Garden a popular setting for family gatherings and lakeside picnics. The centrepiece of the garden is an attractive lake that separates the Australian native plants featuring banksias, grevilleas and hakeas from the South African plants of proteas and leucadendrons on the opposite side. The garden also features a butterfly garden and a grey box woodland planting, endangered in South Australia. The Wittunga Naming Walk was opened in March 2001. The walk demonstrates how plants are named scientifically and the origins of their names - whether from a person or a characteristic of the plant. There are twenty four interpretative signs installed throughout the garden, stationed alongside the relevant plant. Join garden guides every Tuesday from August until November for a guided walk. Walks leave from the car park at 10:30am. Parking is available off Shepherd's Hill Road.