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Colour to Canvas by Graeme Reid

Start date: 23 February 2017

End date: 31 March 2017

Graeme Reid is a self-taught artist living in McLaren Vale. His interest in contemporary art began as a teenager and he has worked across various mediums and styles. Graeme’s current fascination is with epoxy resin, which can be used with pigment as a form of paint or to finish a painting as it develops a glass like finish. Graeme loves to use colour in his work as he believes it elicits feelings of pleasure and is often a great enhancement to any room. His main medium is a mixture of oil paint, turps, damar varnish, shellac and ‘meths’ that come together to form a consistency and texture in the finished product unlike most other forms of painting. Instead of using a brush, Graeme prefers to manipulate the materials by hand, knife or using heat. In addition to painting the piece, Graeme also enjoys making the frame, gesso, varnish and shellac from base elements. Often there are flaws but the finished product is always unique.