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From Outback to Outer Space: Woomera 1955 - 1980

Start date: 30 August 2017

End date: 12 November 2017

Woomera Rocket Range launched Australia into the space age in the 1950s. The Woomera story has many facets: it is one of secrecy and controversy, innovation and achievement, set against the background of the Cold War and the Space Race. Discover the stories of the early days of Australia’s space activity and how, in 1967, Australia joined the elite ‘Space Club’ of nations that had launched their own satellites. Find out what life was like for the men, women and children who lived in the ‘top secret’ outback town of Woomera. The exhibition draws on the collections of the State Library of South Australia, National Archives of Australia, Defence Science and Technology Group, South Australian Aviation Museum and the Woomera historical museums. See large scale rocket models together with space artefacts (including a piece of moon rock), photographs and archival footage, and listen to oral histories of former Woomera residents. Explore a fascinating part of Australia’s technological and scientific history and discover how the Woomera Rocket Range took Australia from the outback to outer space. Exhibition is presented by the State Library of South Australia and the National Archives of Australia.