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Mystery red wine tasting from our deep dark cellar----- and beyond

Start date: 28 March 2017

End date: 27 June 2017

The Bruce Thiele Red Wine Club is inviting a limited number of guests to participate with club members in a mystery wine tasting from our deep dark cellar ---and beyond. Followed by a Bruce Thiele Red Wine Club Dinner with more red wine. Intending guests should register early for available places. Contact Peter Frick 0423683964 Arrive at our Rowland Flat club rooms just prior to 7 pm for welcome drinks and finger food Ian Cooper will dust off and explore what has been hidden away in the red wine club's cellar. There could be a few surprises and tests for the palates of members and guests seeking to identify the wine Food by Liam & Jo from Deliciously Devious from the Barossa who are presenting Lamb Shank and tomato tagine, braised chickpeas in Moroccan spices with preserved lemon curd. Herbed Couscous salad with Almonds. Toasted flat bread. Finish about 9-30 pm All inclusive price for guests-- $50 pp or special of $25 for 1st time guests Guest enquiries to Bruce Thiele Red Wine Club. or Peter Frick Ph. 042 368 3964 Booking deadline 20th June.