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Silo Sights - RV Basecamp Coonalpyn

Start date: 04 March 2017

End date: 04 March 2018

'Silo Sights' - RV Basecamp Coonalpyn is an RV Fest that will be held in Coonalpyn, South Australia. Coonalpyn is home to a 30-metre high silo, which is painted by world-renowned artist Guido Van Helten (who also painted the Brim silos). The first Silo Sights was held in March 2017 , now it's held annual towards the end of the end of the Summer season. While the mural may be one of the key features on the festival’s itinerary, what the region offers in culture, eco-tourism and history make it one of the great places to visit in South Australia. There is low cost RV parking, entertainment and food offerings as well as local activities & events, including night owls lawn bowls, bingo, tennis, trivia nights, sporting club meals, tours and more. Not to mention the Coonalpyn Swimming Pool is just next door! Some of the key icons on the itineraries include, Creating Coonalpyn arts tours & snail farm, bird watching along the Coorong, Point Malcolm Lighthouse, Tailem Bend Railway Museum, Tintinara and much more.