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Sista Girl - State Theatre Company

Start date: 04 May 2017

End date: 04 May 2017

- State Ed By Elena Carapetis and Alexis West. A raucous and powerful look at our search for identity Two young women meet face to face for the first time across the bed of a dying man. Strangers to each other but bonded by blood and grief. Sisters. They break the cold silence of the hospital room to start a difficult conversation. About the past and secrets. About the women who were their mothers. And about why this man, their father, abandoned one family to make another. When the past is dying and can't say sorry, how do you move on? Sista Girl is an exploration of the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, via the story of two women who share a white father. Co-written by Elena Carapetis (Gorgon) and Alexis West (Echoes …. of Knowing Home) especially for the brilliant Natasha Wanganeen (Rabbit Proof Fence, The Shadow King) and Nadia Rossi (The Memory of Water), the play will speak directly to audiences about questions of identity, grief and the complex nature of family. Director: Kyle Morrison Cast: Nadia Rossi, Natasha Wanganeen All Tickets $15.00* School bookings welcome, please phone 8561 4299