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The Great Kanku-Breakaways Marathon

Start date: 10 June 2017

End date: 10 June 2017

From $30 Adult, $15 Adult, $50 All tickets, $0 Child

The Great Kanku-Breakaways Marathon, formerly the Breakaways Bolt, travels from the picturesque Breakaways, along the famous Dog Fence, down Kempe Road (the road to Oodnadatta) and finishes at the town oval where it wraps up with food, stalls and presentations. Participants can either walk, run or ride the distance as a personal challenge or as a group completing a portion of the distance together, doing either 2.5, 5,, 10, 15, 21 or the full 42 kilometres (can only walk to 21 kilometres). Participants are required to pay an entry fee which varies depending on distance, however spectators are welcome to cheer on participants. Please refer to website for details.