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Liba Liba Houseboats

Australian Houseboating Icon - Liba Liba Houseboats were the first houseboat fleet on the river. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday on one of the most beautiful stretches of river wilderness. The province of kangaroos, emus and other bushland creatures, where flocks of corellas settle on the branches of stately red gums, where sedate pelicans soar and glide, where elegant egrets, spoonbills and ibis stalk in the shallows, where below, the callop and catfish await the anglers pleasure...this is Liba Liba land. With 15 houseboats to choose from, the Liba Liba fleet caters for everyone. Our fleet are economical paddle drives, which means they use less fuel than outboard motors, are less prone to damage and fouling, are more manoeuvrable and are restful to the senses. An affordable holiday for everyone.