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Southern Flinders Discovery Centre

The Southern Flinders Discovery Centre ia a community administered Information Outlet situated in the main street of Gladstone, which is the southern gateway to the Flinders Ranges via the Horrocks Highway. Comprehensive tourism information is available, including the Southern Flinders Regional Guide, Flinders Ranges Guide as well as information from other regional areas of South Australia. Our friendly staff can assist you plan your local tour, be it around town or the surrounding areas. The Centre promotes and retails regional products and offers free tastings of selected olive oil products, dried fruits, capers and Trend Drinks soft drinks. Wander through the Centre, see some of our heritage stories through articles, photos and memorabilia. The Gladstone History Group have established a comprehensive display that also includes the 'Booyoolee Panels'. Visitors can enjoy free internet access at the Southern Flinders Discovery Centre. Provided by the Northern Areas Council, it allows the traveller to keep in touch with family and friends.