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Coffin Bay Oyster Farm & Tasting Tours

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tour is the only tour in Australia where you can wade out to an oyster lease and taste oysters fresh out of the water. Its a once in a lifetime taste sensation! Participants wade out into the water to a pontoon immersed in the water. Taste fresh Pacific and the native Angasi oysters fresh out of the water, and learn first hand, how to shuck an oyster. During the tour they also hear about the history of Coffin Bay, and the Oyster farming practices of the famous Coffin Bay Oyster. Its a seafood tasting sensation. Standard Tour - $40 per person Riesling Tour - $50 p/p (Includes a glass of Riesling enjoyed whilst out in the water tasting oysters) Riesling Extra Oysters Tour - $65 p/p Includes a glass of Riesling and extra half dozen oysters Champagne Tour - $80 p/p Includes a bottle of champagne and 1 doz oysters shared between 2 Champagne & Seafood Mezzo Platter Tour - $120 p/p At the conclusion of the tour, a seafood Mezze Platter is delivered to you on the tour deck, where you can graze and enjoy the beautiful water surroundings at your leisure.


From $35 to $75