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Great Victoria Desert 30 Day Camel Expedition - BSC01

Rex Ellis's Bush Safari

From $6600

Experience a 30 day camel trek traversing the Great Victoria Desert Australia's second largest desert, located between the Nullarbor Plain and the Gibson Desert. It is arguably the most interesting desert, being more botanically diverse than any other. The great variety of flora ranges from vast scrubs of Mulga, large attractive Marble Gums, and stately black Oaks, through to belts if Mallee scrub numerous under storey species and shrublands. Landforms vary from spectacular red bush-covered sand dunes, sand plains, salt lakes and breakaway country, the abundant fauna is also of great interest. For the most part, this route explores country previously untravelled by Europeans. The main theme of this expedition is to search for the elusive Night Parrot. Operates: July 2014, further details to be released late October 2013.


Great Victoria Desert


  • 30 Days