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Boats Through The Desert 12 Day Safari - BSC05

Rex Ellis's Bush Safari

From $3250

Experience a unique adventure safari exploring an inland desert river system. Our journey begins near the Birdsville Track on the Warburton River, travelling through some of the most inaccessible country in Australia between the Tirari and Simpson Desert. We eventually leave the cattle country behind as we near Lake Eyre. As we break out into the wide expanse of water, we encounter huge flocks of pelicans and other water birds. We finally reach the mouth of the Warburton River and the vast inland sea that is Lake Eyre where we set up camp on its shore. Massive recent rains in the catchment have produced abnormal flooding and excellent local rains, guarantee prolific wildflowers and animals life. For a short period of time this river creates spectacular beauty in one of the world's most desolate regions. Operates: Subject to inland flooding conditions. Please check website for departure dates and confirm price.


Lake Eyre
Birdsville Track


  • 12 Days