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Four Wheel Drive Tour - Mining Mysteries, Feral Feasting and much, much more ...

Wilpena Pound Resort Tours

From $295

Full day tour with morning tea and lunch provided. This is Wilpena Pound Resort Tours most comprehensive touring option. Travel to Blinman (highest town in South Australia) and explore the old copper mine. Walk through old mining shafts (not deep) and learn of the toil and tragedies of those early years. Wander the streetscape of this historic town. Travel to Parachilna through the local gorge and indulge in lunch at the famous Prairie Hotel (feral food options available). The homeward journey includes Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorges. Learn of the geological history, seek the rare Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and be in awe at the rugged beauty of this very special place.


Wilpena Pound


  • 8 Hours