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Guided Walk - Remarkable Reds

Wilpena Pound Resort Tours

From $50

Red is the signature colour of inland Australia. Red sand, red soil, red rocks define more than half of the Australian continent. Join your guide for an exploration of Flinders Ranges reds -red gums, red kangaroos, red sandstones, red sunsets. Marvel at the majestic red gums and discover why these giants are icons of the inland. As you watch them grazing in the late afternoon light, learn about the different species of kangaroos in the Wilpena area. Ponder the awesome geological history of the region as you watch the walls of Wilpena Pound change colour, warmed by the dying sun. Over a glass of South Australian red, enjoy the special charm of a Flinders sunset as it reduces the Pound wall to an exquisite silhouette. Operates: Daily, on demand from the Old Wilpena Station car park.


Wilpena Pound


  • 3 Hours