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Flight Six - Coober Pedy Two Day Trip

Wilpena Pound Resort Tours

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Day 1 - Depart Wilpena at 10.00am for a scenic flight over Wilpena Pound and the Gorges. Fly across the Western Plains, Lake Torrens, and Andamooka/Roxby Downs to Coober Pedy for lunch. After lunch, we take a tour of the surrounds and opal mines, finishing at the Desert Cave Hotel, the world's only underground international hotel. Dinner will be at Umberto's Restaurant in the hotel. Day 2 - After breakfast, depart Coober Pedy at 10.00am for a flight over the Painted Desert and back to Wilpena Pound. Operates: By arrangement.


Wilpena Pound
Coober Pedy
Wilpena Pound


  • 2 Days