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Fleurieu Peninsula Surfing Day - SCA05

Surf Culture Australia

From $120

The wave approaches, you feel the board lift and accelerate and you get to your feet and there you are walking on water. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being one with the ocean. A full day of surfing begins with a ride in our bus Go Surfing to one of the many idyllic surfing beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula. At the beach we will assess conditions and look at surf awareness issues such as rips and currents. After fitting you up with a Ripcurl wetsuit and surfboard we hit the beach. Our staff are experienced qualified coaches with the Australian Coaching Council and we foster an environment which is relaxed, safe and most importantly plenty of fun. After a 90-minute session we will supply a hearty surfers lunch and once re-fuelled and rested will head back to the beach for an afternoon session. Finally we hop back in the bus usually exhausted, salty and weathered but with a grin from ear to ear to return you to Moana.




  • 7 Hours