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Lake Frome 45 Minute Scenic Flight - AWS04

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

From $210

To experience Arkaroola from the ground is amazing but to see it from the air is a whole new experience. Fly out to the east across the flood plains of Lake Frome in Arkaroola’s own six passenger, high-wing Cessna 207 with pilot Doug Sprigg, who has over 30 year's experience flying Arkaroola's skies. The 40 minute flight takes you to the whitest salt lake in Australia. Shade your eyes from the flat crystalline expanse of kilometers of salt glinting in the sun, flanked by 20,000 year old sand dunes trapped forever in the lake’s crusty grasp; a relic of the time when central Australia was an inland sea. Operates: Daily from Arkaroola Wildnerness Sanctuary on application.


Lake Frome


  • 40 Minutes