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Coward Springs Camel Safaris Seven Days - CS01

Coward Springs Camel Tours And Safaris

From $1650

Our seven-day safaris take you into the vast outback landscape to places rarely visited by other travellers. We operate from Coward Springs Campground on the Oodnadatta Track, 77 kilometres south-east of William Creek, 130 kilometres north-west from Marree. Each trek is different, taking advantage of seasonal highlights and the range of landscapes (mound springs, sand dunes, mesas and gibber plains) near Coward Springs. If you are fairly active, enjoy the natural environment and like camping, this is a relaxed adventure. At t12 to 15 kilometres a day, there is always plenty of time to explore and just enjoy being far from your daily routine. And you will love our camels. They are gentle, well-trained animals with individual characters - easy to get to know. We travel with two strings of camels and usually a camel-drawn wagon, to make it easy for families and the less fit. Operates: June and July.


Coward Springs, Oodnadatta Track via


  • 7 Days